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Intellect 8400 mAh 2S 7.6v LiHV 25.1mm Stick Battery IPCC2S8400PT1

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New for 2020 are Intellect's Platinum series range of awesome LiPo's. Recognisable by the new labelling with metallic blue lettering.

The 2020 versions once again improve of 2019 specs by offering better power and runtime.

Huge range of batteries for all applications and required weights for perfect chassis balance and centre of gravity.

All the batteries have a burst current of 120C and have LIHV technology.

As always with intellect LiPo's they are excellent value for money.

BRCA/EFRA legal as of April 1st 2020.

Includes balance charge leads and connectors.

Read all instruction before use.

Hi Power

Dimensions - Height & Length & Weight

25.1mm x 139mm x 47mm

5mm connector