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In the world of 1/10th Electric offroad 4WD racing, the Lazer ZX series has been competing and winning at the highest levels of RC racing for years. And now the newest evolution of the Lazer ZX series is here, with the all new Lazer ZX-6

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Years of design expertise combine with the latest racing specs to produce world-beating racing performance! 
Next generation Lazer ZX 6 is ready to take its place on the racing stage!

The world-beating performance of the Lazer ZX5 has undergone a generational evolution to stay in front with even more speed in the Lazer ZX6. Kyosho’s many years of expertise in design and engineering has resulted in a newly developed main chassis made from A7075-T6 grade duralumin, the toughest material in RC, to deliver increased power and full realization of the suspension performance. With rock-solid rigidity and strength in the chassis structure without an upper deck, maintenance and setting capability is dramatically improved. The powertrain utilizes the same center shaft 4WD and center mid motor configuration as the ZX6 but with a new sliding motor mount that produces optimal front/rear mass balance. While maintaining the exquisite control feel and sharp response, the ZX6 is equipped with even more firepower for racing battle such as tungsten carbide diff balls, reinforced differential bevel gears, aluminum steering crank and velvet coated aluminum big bore shocks for silky smooth movement and improved durability. The proven performance of X-GEAR ball diff grease and high-graphite grease combine perfectly with precision shock springs for a razor sharp racing edge. Add the advanced cab-forward designed body and aerodynamic wing perfectly matched to the new chassis and the Lazer ZX6 produces effective downforce with modern style. From world championships to local club races, the Lazer ZX6 can deliver victory on any stage.



Chassis Technical Data

Length : 385mm
Width : 248mm
Height : 145mm
Wheelbase : 278mm
Tread (F/R) : 210mm / 200mm
Tire(F/R) : sold separately
Gear Ratio : 10.67 : 1
Weight : 1,650g approx.
Motor : sold separately

Required for operation

2-channel, 1-servo 1-ESC R/C System
Tire inners
Battery charger
Pinion gears
Paint for body
Batteries for transmitter