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Pre-order Kyosho Lazer ZX6/6.6 to ZX7 Conversion Kit ZX6TO7

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ZX6/ZX6.6 to ZX7 conversion


Please note the spec of your current car may mean that further parts will be required, we are assuming that most people have gear diffs for their ZX6/ZX6.6 already so we are not including these in the kit for example. We are including the new slipper parts to convert your existing slipper to the new spec but if you are using the centre diff you’ll need further parts to complete your slipper. Please study the parts list carefully so you know what you’re getting.


LAB07 body

LA381 chassis

LA382 front stiffener set

LA383 rear stiffener set

LA384 rear stiffener post

LA385 servo mount

LA386 front suspension arms

LA387 knuckle and hub carrier

LA388 front universal driveshafts

LA389 suspension holder (FF)

LA390 suspension holder (FR)

LA391 suspension holder (RR)

LA392 rear upper bulkhead

LA393 stabilizer holder

LA394 centre mount

LA395 centre disk holder

LA396 slipper shaft

LA397 drive cup (rear)

LA398 drive cup (front)


Total RRP £309.49


Our price £278.54