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Centro Mini electric Intelligent Soldering Iron C0390

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A must have for any pit box is the mini electric intelligent soldering iron from Centro! It is perfect for all your soldering requirements and ready to use in just over 10 seconds. It features an OLED display for the adjustable temperature range depending on the job in hand.

Simple connectivity to 12-24V DC power and a selection of optional power leads provides users with a host of ways to power up the iron. A selection of optional tips are available for you to fine tune your soldering depending on the job, making the mini pit iron as versatile as they come.

Centro Mini Electronic Intelligent Soldering Iron Features:

Ready to use in 10-15 seconds
OLED Display
Adjustable Temperature Range
12-24V DC Input Voltage
Optional Tips Available
Compact and portable
Includes Sloped tip, power cable &stand

Spec Check:

65W power output @24v
Temperature stability - ±2%
Temperature Range - 100°C - 400°C (max)

Safety instructions:

Ensure that you use the correct power supply and accessories
Do not touch the tip of the soldering iron after the temperature has risen to avoid burns
Before replacing the soldering iron tip, you must turn off the power and wait for the soldering iron to cool down