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Kyosho Le Mans 480S/T BLS 21.5t Legendary Series Brushless Motor 37033

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Newly designed brushless motor, recreated in the image of the Le Mans 480T and 480S.

The Le Mans 480T & S motors that drove the RC car boom in the 1980’s in combination with the Phantom EP 4WD, return as brushless motors! Use the included aluminum parts and labels to convert the 480T (torque-type in the 1980’s model) to the 480S (speed-type in the 1980’s model).


●Recreate the atmosphere of the time with your favorite specifications.
●Only the external appearance changes, not the performance.

Includes blue anodized front plate, end bell and label. Remove 6 screws and reassemble to change the external appearance to the 480S. Two types of labels for Le Mans 240S ESC are also included for coordinating with the motor.